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We did our research to identify the manufacturers with the highest standards in the dental biomaterials industry. Our manufacturers make products for the top companies in dentistry and orthopedics. Together we have validated both the safety of the raw materials and ensured high standards for how those materials are processed.


We aim to create the most frictionless customer experience between our manufacturers and our clinicians. Combining strategic industry partnerships and the latest ecommerce technologies we are able to eliminate most of the middlemen from the buying process and pass that savings on to our surgeons.


Our commitment is that our customers, their patients and their employees are our highest priorities. We will conduct our business with transparency and integrity to provide the highest level of customer service. We know when our customers business is successful, we succeed as well.

The highest quality biomaterials at the best prices, curated by expert clinicians and researchers. We are Summit Biologics.

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Experts in regenerative medicine

We are experts in regenerative medicine with a combined dental experience of more than 25 years and over 15 years of clinical research in biomaterials and biologics utilized in dentistry. With our experience we are able to leverage relationships with innovative manufacturers and pair them with top key opinion leaders to fundamentally change the way we approach the treatment and management of hard and soft tissue regeneration in dentistry.


Scientific Innovation

Summit Biologics has done the research to provide the highest quality biomaterials in our industry at the lowest costs to our clinicians. We are also using a large portion of our profits to research and develop unique and first to market biomaterials to the North American market. Areas of innovation include 3DI surface technology that promotes highly inductive bone cell differentiation without the use of expensive growth factors, novel soft tissue regenerative agents such as hyaluronic acid, and safer barrier membranes fabricated from atelo-collagen reducing the potential for foreign body reactions.

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